Theatre Rocks! is a “large” theater in a small city (population 20,000-ish) thirty minutes from Dallas, Texas. “Large” because even though we have an intimate space for our performances (seating for less than 75) we do “large” things like producing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, The Lion in Winter by James Goldman and Sam Shepard’s True West. We are also “large” in creativity and talent. Our actors, although mostly amateurs, some do work professionally, and most all could, if they wanted to. Also, we are developing and presenting our own product, with world premieres — In February of 2022 we will present the eighth Bill Rhoten original (click here to see full listing). There have also been several original and new adaptations of A Christmas Carol, Show White, Sleeping Beauty and Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Priory School (for full listing click here). In 2021 we introduced our National Playwriting Competition and the winning play will have it’s world premiere here at Theatre Rocks in June. This is all top-notch material that our audiences keep coming back for.
We, the founders, are Bill Rhoten (artistic director) and Suzanne Rhoten (executive director) husband and wife team, who have been working together in the performance arts (acting, writing, directing and producing) all of our thirty four years of marriage and individually years before we met. Bill has also taught acting and personally coached actors preparing for auditions and university admissions.

Our passion is great stories and great performances and the all those wonderful, creative, and crazy fun people that make them happen. Including the visionaries that fund it.

We are also passionate in honoring the ONE who gave us Art, in all it’s forms, our Master Creator… ’cause it’s really not “about us” at all… it is ABOUT HIM! (but it’s great to know He’s all about US… and all about YOU!)



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[Executive Director]

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