Auditions for the upcoming shows are held on Saturday mornings, usually the final weekend of the preceding show. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to audition, and lack of experience in the theatre arts will not disqualify anyone. The auditions are cold readings from the script. Auditions for musicals will also include a prepared song of your choice.

If for some reason you cannot attend a scheduled audition, another time may be scheduled with the director at his discretion. It is MOST important that anyone who auditions makes certain that they will be available for all rehearsals as well as each performance. Show performance dates are listed below each audition date.

Rehearsals are every week night from approximately 6pm to 9pm. Though smaller roles may not need to attend every rehearsal, they will need to be available for any rehearsal date.

Parts are selected by the director alone, and actors who have been cast will be contacted by the director.

Where’s Santa?

by Bill Rhoten

AUDTION DATE: October 27th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Roles: 4 Men (ages 35-65+) &  5 children ages 9-11 (4 boys, 1 girl)

The sheriff’s son is intrigued and enlists his friends when a mysterious visitor ends up in the small town jail on Christmas eve.

My First Date

by Bill Rhoten

AUDITION DATE: Saturday, December 22nd

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon  at Theatre Rocks! 505 NW Main Street

Roles: 4 Females: (1 age 12-15, 1 age 18-23, 1 age 40-55, 1 age 40-65). 5 Males: (1 12-15, 1 age 18-24, 1 age 40-55, 1 age 40-65, & 1 age 38+)

In life, “firsts” are always etched on our hearts as lastng memories. My first date is one of those.

A Little Princess

by John Vreeke and Frances Hodgson Burnett

An orphan, who endures loss and rejection, becomes an inspiration for girls and boys everywhere.

AUDITION DATES: February 9th and February 23rd

10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon  at Theatre Rocks! 505 NW Main Street

This show has a large cast. It will be directed by Rebecca Perry. There are 10 – 12 Adults, and 15 – 16 Children.

Feb. 9: (10:00 AM – 12 Noon) Auditions for girls ages 9 to 12 for the part of Sara Crewe; come with a prepared song. Auditions also will be held for movement and dance roles for girls ages 6 to 18 and boys ages 6 to 10. 

Feb. 23: (10:00 AM – 12 Noon) Auditions for all other parts: girls and boys ages 8 and up, adults of all ages.


Twelve Angry Men

by Reginald Rose


10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Roles include: 13 men – 12 jurors (ages 20+), and a bailiff (age 40-65)

A heightened courtroom thriller that puts you on the edge of your seat, while powerfully exploring what it means to live in a democracy.


For more information on auditions, contact directors Bill Rhoten (214-552-9896) or Rebecca Perry (214-763-6752)


Theatre Rocks! reserves the right to change shows to be produced.

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