Vlog: Casting

Our little granddaughter, future leading lady, helps Pawpaw with the Tip of the Day: Always put talent and ability over a desired look or physical qualities when carin casting.

Vlog: Actors in Costume

It’s a great help to actors to get into costume as soon as possible. Even if the whole costume is not ready or acquired yet, get them into what they have and work through putting costumes together as rehearsals progress. 

Vlog: Actors in Small Theaters

You may not be acting in New York City, but wherever you are it is valuable work. Many actors on and off Broadway started in community and regional theater.

Vlog: Depth In Set Design

Not only do you need a script with depth, and depth in direction and all performances, you need a set that speaks it from the moment your audience enters the performance space. Highs and lows, close up, mid range and farther back, heavy or dark, and light.

Vlog: Focus

In film and video, the director just sets up the shot he wants his audience to see. On stage, focus or the audience’s eye, must be manipulated with blocking (positioning) and movement. The audience must not be confused about where to look. You tell them where to look by the action and placement of everything and everyone on stage.

Vlog: Projection

Always be mindful that your audience, that farthest row back, needs to hear you, even though your scene partner may be right next to you.

Vlog: Do Your Homework

In preparing for a role it is important to “do your homework”, which includes making a history. Start with what is “given” in the script and then get creative from there. Make your choices specific, important, and extreme.


Vlog: Lighting

Whether in an audition or performance, it is important to develop an instinct for finding the light and getting in it.

Vlog: Importance

In any acting situation, but especially an audition, make your choices which influence your emotional levels VERY IMPORTANT. 

Vlog: Learn Your Lines

In any production, everyone has a very specific job to do. Focus on doing yours. More than anything else, that alone will bring appreciation and respect from all those with whom you work. 

Vlog: Mystery

Actors should take advantage of moments where they can create mystery or tension. Here is a tip on how to do that.

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