Some of the things I feel very led to share on this blogging “assignment” are very personal and, just to be honest, it is way, way out of my comfort zone! I have actually written some posts and am kinda holding onto them ‘till I get braver. The great thing about acting is you can hide inside of someone else (a role you might be playing), the better you hide, the better the work. Writing, especially this kind, is demanding in a different way. It’s more about exposure. I don’t like that. A dear actress friend emailed me the other day and was feeling very discouraged. I immediately realized this was for her. In sharing it with her I realized it might be for you too, and for someone you know. So hear what the heart of our Creator is saying:

I See You.

I sense discouragement in the ranks of my artists and creatives. A prevailing wind of, “will I ever get there?”, or “my dream seems lost.” As you face into the wind of resistance, you feel it’s force pushing you. It feels like if you were to take one step back, to get your balance, it might be the right thing to do. But the Master Artist, originator of all creation and of your creativity, the One who put that gift and dream in you, says, “I see you. You are chosen as an example and even a creative voice in My new generation of artists and creators. Do not worry about ‘fitting in’. I have not designed you to fit in, but to stand up and be set apart. Push into the wind. Take a step forward and not back. I’m there waiting. Take My hand. I am your ever-present help.”


  1. Lisa Rosewell

    Oh, Suzanne! I needed this. Thanks so much! I, too, am fighting discouragement – almost daily. But I keep getting little glimmers of light in the way of this post, a serendipitous conversation with a colleague in an acting class, a busy director/friend who helps me self-film auditions, another colleague who has recommended me to his agent, etc. These little moments, seemingly so random and always unexpected, have become the norm. As I step way out of my own comfort zone with every class, every audition, every question I ask to further my own education in this industry, I see light at the end of the tunnel and experience hope inside the momentum of moving forward. Only the Lord knows how long that tunnel is for me, but He is in control and leading me onward. Thanks again! You were part of His plan for me today!

  2. Suzanne Rhoten

    So happy for you Lisa! Do not let discouragement in, you have given so much, it is your time to shine for Him.

  3. Samantha Green

    So beautiful. Thank you so much Suzanne. I am pushing forward and am not going to give up. One step at a time, I will become who I was created to be. I am so honored and blessed to call you friend.

  4. Suzanne Rhoten

    Thank you, Samantha. You are doing an amazing job. You know who your source is and I look forward to watching you flourish in broadcast as you have on stage!

  5. Kate Vega

    Love this post, Suzanne! It’s so timely for anyone who is struggling to keep moving forward in the face of adversity. Keep ‘em comin’!

  6. Suzanne Rhoten

    Thank you Kate! I appreciate your comment and love the writing.

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