There is value in continuing and staying with that thing you love, that gift or skill you have. Resist the temptation of distraction. Over the course of time, value multiplies as you move forward, even small steps count.

Recently I created an “About Us” page for our website. In the tedious process of recreating thirty plus years of bios and resumes (not kept up digitally over the years) I realized, “Whoa, we have done a lot of stuff.” There is value in staying the course, value in continuing.

Whatever you were meant to do, do it. Then keep doing it.

It then becomes your “territory”.

That is the term Steven Pressfield uses in his book The War of Art. He explains that humans, like animals, have territories, only ours are psychological. He describes a swimmer’s pool is their territory, a writer’s is on his when he sits down to write, a bodybuilder is on his when he enters the gym. We even hear people say “I’m on my turf.”

Pressfield explains: “A territory returns exactly what you put in. Territories are fair. Every erg of energy you put in goes infallibly into your account. A territory never devalues. A territory never crashes. What you deposited, you get back, dollar for dollar.”

What’s your territory?

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