May 2nd, two weeks ago today, was the National Day of Prayer. Here in Ennis we gathered downtown for a community-wide prayer. One of our local pastors, who leads this prayer gathering every year, had asked various members of the community to pray over different segments of our city life such as city government, first responders, churches, businesses, schools, etc. I was asked to pray over “arts and entertainment”. I’m sharing that prayer with you today so that we can continue to pray it together.


Father, I pray today as Jesus taught the disciples to pray: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.” (Lord’s prayer) What does that look like Lord, to have heaven come to earth in the realm of arts and entertainment? We say “yes” to the possibilities. 


We know that we are created in Your image (Genesis 1:26), that we too are creative beings. Father, you have wired us to create, to dream and design, to innovate and invent, to discover, to lead with new ideas, to set the trends and even blaze a new path. May we, through our artistic expressions, creatively communicate Your heart of love, mercy, and grace to a world that needs You. 


Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to participate in Your divine plan. Whether it be story-telling on stage, screen or page, if it be dance, painting, sculpting, music, accounting or agriculture, I pray that You breathe on our works of love. May they bless and bring vibrance to our community.


We call out to You for vision and revelation of Your plan for the arts and that which entertains. Father, let us not be satisfied with earth-bound ideas of arts and entertainment, limited by the voices of our culture, but instead, Father, that we would reach for what eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man what You have prepared for those that love You. (I Corinthians 2:9)


We pray that our artistic expression would be filled with joy and welcome Your presence.  


May Your name be glorified in all creation.


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