There is this wild, passionate, and crazy immense story of creativity. The scope of this work is so vast and so incredible that even though an account of it has been recorded, people have struggled to wrap their minds around the process, the beauty, and the size of it. It opens like this: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. …”.  

Then the account goes beyond this created place and into the creation of beings of all kinds that defy imagination. It’s just wow! And these created beings can multiply, duplicating themselves! Whole families of uniquely created, diverse species of living beings.

And then, this Awesome Artist, creates another being, two actually, unlike all the others, because these beings, He made: “in His own image.” Look in the mirror.

I think it is interesting, that the very first words written, in the very first chapter of the most important and best selling book of all ages, is about creativity on an unimaginable scale. Then in chapter two it tells us that we were made “in His image”. It’s an astonishing account of a week in the life of the Creator of all creation who made us in His own image.

I’m thinking WE might possibly be “underachieving”.

What if He said to you “Let’s make something!”?

What are your thoughts?

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