Fancy words for change. Some people take change better than others. We all know we need change at times. For many of us the resistance is real. A relaunch, redesign or reset of any kind can seem overwhelming and flat out….too much work. Too traumatic maybe. Those thoughts of “where do I start” and the “rabbit trails” of “before that I have to do this…or do I?” It can be frustrating.  Then you get brave and try and find yourself  “stuck.” 

How do I get past this wall? Oh, and then there is the FEAR factor. We hate to admit it but all kinds of fears can surface. We hate to leave our comfort zone. Or maybe it’s bigger than that, great risk can mean failure and that can look anywhere from daunting to dangerous. While resets, relaunches and redesigns can propel us forward in our dreams and goals, fear can be a major roadblock.

What does this mean for a creative who may want to move forward in a new way, take a risk, say “YES” and launch that inspired idea? I have two actress friends who recently decided to “go for it”  and venture from the stage acting they were familiar and comfortable with (and very skilled I might add) into broadcast work. One got an agent right away and landed a couple of roles in her first few auditions. The other one is taking a class and still trying to get an agent, but she is persevering. She will also do well, it may just take longer. But what they both did was say “yes” to the change. Of course there were questions and things to face… even fears of the unknown and all the “what if’s.”

But sometimes you just have put one foot in front of the other and “do it scared.”

Whether you make a choice for a change or it is foisted upon you, good can come of it. Press through the resistance, embrace the hard things. You were created to overcome obstacles, no matter how difficult. Go ahead. Do the relaunch, reset or redesign; it may just shoot you forward way beyond what you expected. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Sheryl Mason Sullivan

    Boy did I need to hear that! Suddenly I am facing more changes in my life than in a LONG, LONG time. Now I have always known these changes were coming, but that old ‘fear factor’ reared its ugly head and the certainty of change got pushed to the far corners of my mind. I needed this jolt!

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