I have recently had a desire to connect with other theatre directors, owners, producers, and artistic directors. I’m not sure why… I can only suspect it is a “God thing”. No idea why God would want that. One thing I’m sure of… He is up to something wonderful, and if I follow the “breadcrumbs”, He will reveal it. The thing is, theatre director types don’t typically “hang out”. Too busy, I guess – too focused. Actually, in the last couple of years, I have connected with a few. Not really on purpose… it kinda just happened. Yet, I want to be more purposeful. I want to have conversations with them. The introvert in me said, “write them a letter”. Yay, I like that idea.

I want to meet you, storytellers of the stage. Yes, you unique people who have a passion to make a way for the creative likes of actors, lighting/sound/costume/set designers and playwrights and other theatre artists. You are fearless creators, warriors of a sort, who wield all these artistic elements to craft the framework of a word story into a living, breathing beauty. I see you! 

There are some “chinks” in your armor — scars of battles, criticisms, and rejection, but the terrain is rough, and you knew that coming in. You choose it anyway. 

You direct the focus on everyone else, because you know it’s best for the art. The art you love. And you are happy. You shine and your brilliance is remarkable.

You answered that “call” or “longing”, or was it a “tug” for you, to cast aside more “sensible” choices, and travel the course that brought you joy even with possible disapproval? Yay… you did it, courageous one.

You are “a superhero” and a “rock star”. You are first a dreamer, but your heart tattoo says “dream maker”.

You bring stories to people in such a way that they laugh… or cry… and everything in between. If they forget to say “thank you,” let me say it for them… THANK YOU!

I know that with your work comes the incessant casting, blocking, planning, creating, thinking, and prop scouting, while you are eating, driving and instead of sleeping or while you are sleeping. Rewards are coming.

Your stories matter. They awaken hearts. They provoke empathy. They change atmospheres. They are powerful. 

We love what you do. Take a bow.

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