I always get excited about the new year and like a kid that stretches to find one last gift under the Christmas tree, I feel the tingle of hope and joy for what the “wrapping” of the new year will uncover.

I like to pray about what to focus on in the coming months. What new goals may need to be set. Is it a time to refocus and reset? (I wrote a blog last year called “Do you need a Relaunch, Reset or Redesign?” Or maybe just continue on the current path. We so want to be a part of something important, accomplish big things, and be a blessing in our endeavors.

Usually there is a time of reflection as well. A look back, even if just a glance, at where I came from, progress made last year… How about you?

Often, we feel negative emotions over goals that (maybe once again) we didn’t meet, boxes on our datebook still left unticked. There’s that project we designated to be the main focus of our attention for last year, and it is still not fully complete, because we got stuck on one aspect of it.

The thing is, before we spend too much time in the realm of disappointment or frustration consider this… Maybe you have not counted some super important, even much weightier things you DID do that weren’t even written on your list of “Things to Accomplish in 2018.”  

There was that young person you did not realize was experiencing hard things at home that you gave confidence and hope as they were mentored through a project….or their first on-stage role.

That co-worker you took the time to help by lending them your car to go out of town for the weekend to visit family.

And don’t forget the reason you did not accomplish the one goal was because you started that class and it took so much more time than you thought.

Of course, by now I hope you are remembering “accomplishments” that are personal to you. In the big picture those “distractions” may just be the answers to your prayers. Those are the blessings, the important endeavors that last for eternity, not the busyness that we so often mistake for goals to be reached.

Go ahead and feel the hope for the new year. There is so much opportunity out there and you don’t even have to make a list.

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